Premium vs Free version of NordPass

NordPass has two versions: Free and Premium. Both versions can be used to secure your most sensitive login information and synchronize it between different devices. 

With NordPass Premium you can stay logged in on unlimited devices at the same time. While the Free version allows 1 active session only. The active session is counted when you are logged in to your account on a desktop or mobile application. You can download and install the application on as many devices as you wish on both versions. 

Additionally, with the Premium version, you also get access to Premium features such as File Attachments, Data Breach Scanner, Breach Monitoring, Emergency Access, Password Health, and Secure Item Sharing. Learn more about the different features available on the Free and Premium versions on our website


You can try out NordPass Premium features with our 30-day trial or choose the plan that fits your needs with a 30-day money-back guarantee here