Data Breach Scanner

The Data Breach Scanner by NordPass is a tool designed to detect if your personal data has been compromised in a data breach. It scans the web for leaked databases, looking for mentions of email addresses and credit cards you provided. Data Breach Scanner is available with NordPass Premium and business plans.


Thanks to this feature, NordPass will notify you if your account or credit card is involved in a data breach. You'll receive details about the breach, including what information was exposed, and recommended steps on how to address the issue. 


Important: A new version of Data Breach Scanner has been released recently. To continue using the tool, please enable it again and agree with our Privacy Policy. 


How to set it up


Open NordPass and select Data Breach Scanner under the Tools tab. Select Start Scanning to begin using the feature.


How to add email addresses


NordPass will automatically scan the web looking for mentions of the email account used for NordPass. To add more email addresses, follow these steps:


  1. Select Add Email, enter your email address, or select Add button next to one of the suggested emails.


  2. Enter a verification code sent to your email address and select Verify. The code is sent from email address, please make sure to check your spam/junk folders if you did not receive it.

From now on, your email will be automatically scanned for breaches. 

How to add credit cards


  1.  Open the Credit Cards tab and select Add Card or Add button next to one of the suggested cards.

  2. Confirm card ownership.

Note: There is a limit of 50 cards in the Monitored Credit Cards list.


Breach status banners


You will see one of the two NordPass Data Breach Scanner banners. A red banner will inform you if there are any new or unresolved breaches. A green banner indicates that your data has not appeared in any breaches. 

How to solve breaches/what to do if your account was breached 


Email breaches


You will be notified if your email has been breached and how many breaches it has. 


  1. Select the email address to see more information.

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  2. To see breached information, select one of the breaches from the list. Select Reveal Leaked Data to see full details.


  3. If the breach is no longer relevant or you have already updated your leaked data, select Mark as Resolved. Remember, to change your password for the leaked account, you must first update it on the affected website and only then update it in NordPass. Changing the password in NordPass will not update your account password.

    You can learn more about changing your password and using NordPass to generate strong passwords here


Credit card breaches


NordPass will notify you if your credit card information is compromised and will provide further information about the breach. 


  1. Select the breached card from the list to see the list of breaches.

  2. Open the breach to see more information. NordPass will provide more details about the breach, including which credit card details were affected and when.


  3. You will also see some security recommendations that you should take. Select Mark as Resolved to remove the breach. 


How to stop monitoring emails or credit cards


To stop monitoring added email addresses or credit cards, open them in the Data Breach Scanner and select Remove Email or Remove Card.



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