Email Masking

What is Email Masking


Email Masking is a premium NordPass tool that allows you to create alternative email addresses that are linked to your NordPass account’s email address. Email masking, also known as email aliasing, is used to protect the main email address from unwanted spam, phishing, or other forms of online abuse. This tool creates a disposable email address in NordPass that forwards emails to your primary email inbox. 


Using NordPass Free version? Sign up for a free 30-day trial to try Email Masking and other NordPass Premium features. 

How to use Email Masking in NordPass


  1. Open NordPass and select Email Masking in the Tools tab.

  2. Select Create Email Mask. With this step, you will agree with our privacy policy and create your first masked email address.
  3. In this window, you will see a list of masked emails that you have. Select the Create Mask button to create additional masked emails when needed.
  4. You can also create email masks from the autofill window.
  5. To delete the email mask or stop sending emails, go to Tools > Email Masking and open one of the email masks.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What happens to emails that are sent to an alias after it has been switched off or deleted?

If you have turned off email forwarding, all emails sent to the masked email will no longer be forwarded to your regular email inbox. This mask can be enabled again anytime, and you will receive new emails.

If the email mask is deleted, you will not be able to recover it, and you will not receive any new emails sent to it. 

  • Where does NordPass store incoming emails? When are they deleted from the server?

NordPass securely stores incoming emails on its dedicated data servers located within the European Union. 


Incoming emails are deleted from NordPass servers following these two scenarios:

  1. The email was successfully sent to the primary email address.

  2. Email delivery has failed. If NordPass encounters issues in sending the email, such as delivery failures or other technical problems, the email will be held on the server for a certain period while attempts to send it continue. The duration of this period depends on the specific email protocol being used 


  • Can I read forwarded emails in NordPass? 

No, emails sent to masked email addresses are forwarded to your regular email inbox and can be found there.

  • Are there any limits to the number of email masks created?

Yes, NordPass has specific limits on the number of email masks you can create, which vary based on your subscription plan. These limits are in place to ensure the service remains efficient and secure for all users. 


NordPass Premium and Family plans:

Limit: Users can create up to 200 email masks per account.

Daily creation limit: There is a daily limit of creating up to 30 email masks. 


NordPass for business plans:

Limit: Business members can create an unlimited number of email masks.

Daily creation limit: There is a daily limit of creating up to 30 email masks.


  • What will happen to the email masks if my NordPass subscription expires?

If your NordPass subscription downgrades to the Free version, you will still be able to see a list of your created masks. However, you won't be able to use the tool, and NordPass will no longer forward incoming emails to your primary email address while your subscription is inactive.