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How to give Emergency Access in NordPass?

Emergency Access is a Premium* NordPass tool available on desktop, android apps, and Web Vault, that allows you to grant access to another NordPass user. When it is granted, this person will be able to easily request access to your account and securely receive your passwords and notes without entering your Master Password. This guide will explain how to give access and retrieve passwords using NordPass Emergency Access tool.

*Only NordPass premium version users can give Emergency Access (this includes individual Premium and Family plans). However, access can be granted to all users, including the Free version. 

  1. Open NordPass application, go to Emergency Access which can be found under Tools and select Give Access.


  2. Enter email address of another NordPass user to that you want to give Emergency Access and select Give Access.

    If you get an error cannot give access to some of the users, make sure that the other person has a NordPass account under the email address that you have entered. 


  3. Once access is given, this person will receive an invitation to accept or decline it. The invitation will appear in Emergency Access window in Received tab. Click on the three dots icon and select Accept to confirm it. 


  4. When the invitation is accepted, this person will be able to Request to See Passwords. Request can be made in NordPass application -> Tools -> Emergency Access -> Received.


  5. Once the request is made, you will receive a letter notifying you that someone has requested Emergency Access to your passwords. Access can be granted via NordPass application -> Tools -> Emergency Access -> Given. Click on the three dots icon and select Grant Request to immediately give access to all of your NordPass items to this person. 

    Please note, that once the request is made, you can accept or decline it within 7 days. After that, access will be granted automatically.


  6. To see the passwords of a person that granted Emergency Access to you, go back to Tools -> Emergency Access -> Received. There, click on the three dots icon and select See Passwords.


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