Using NordPass Desktop Application

Here, you can find some tips on how to use the main features of NordPass:

  • Adding items to your vault:

Open the application and choose the category (Logins, Secure Notes or Credit Cards).

For the Secure Notes and Credit Cards, you will have to enter the information manually by clicking on 'Add Secure Note'/ 'Add Credit Card'.

As for Logins, you can either add them manually (by clicking 'Add Login') or import from browsers, other password managers or by uploading a .CSV file. You can find out more information on importing passwords to NordPass here: 

An example for adding a Login item to your vault:


You can find the URL address in the address bar of your web browser:


  • Auto-saving:

When you add the NordPass extension to your browser and log in to a website, a window prompting to save the login information will pop up. Click 'Save' if you wish to store it in your vault.


  • Auto-filling:

When you have logins saved in your NordPass vault, NordPass icons will appear and, after clicking on them and choosing the login, it will autofill the login fields with your credentials.


  • Using NordPass suggested passwords:

You can choose to use strong generated passwords when creating new accounts for websites. If you click on the suggested password, NordPass will immediately ask if you wish to save it.


If you wish to generate strong random passwords, you can also use the built-in password generator found on your desktop device (