Creating a New Account

If you are a new user of our Nord services, follow these steps to create your account:

1. Go to this link: 

2. There, enter the e-mail address which you wish to be associated with your NordPass account.


3. After typing in your e-mail, check your mailbox. You will receive a letter welcoming you to NordPass with an activation link. Click on it.



4. Then, the link for setting the password for your account will open. Keep in mind, the password you set here is for the user panel ( ). 


5. Now, you will get a download prompt for the NordPass application.

  • Windows OS:

Click the 'Download' button and open the 'NordPassSetup' file to install.



  • macOS:

Click the 'Download' button and open the 'NordPass' file to install.



  • Linux:

Click the 'Download' button. 


A new tab will open. Press 'Install' to see the steps needed to take in order to install the app (or check the installation tutorial here: ).


6. Once NordPass is installed on your desktop device, open it and log in with the e-mail that you used to register.


7. After that, you will be sent a 6-digit code via e-mail. Find it in your mailbox and enter into the app.


8. Now, you will be required to create a Master Password. Make sure to create a strong, safe password that you will remember, since it is the main password needed to access your vault.


9. Also, after setting up the Master Password, you will be given a Recovery Code. Please keep it safe in case you do forget your password and cannot access your data stored in the application.


Now, also add the NordPass extension to your browser for the application to fully work.


And that's it, your NordPass account is set up!

You can find the tutorial on how to use the main features of NordPass here: