How to import shared folders to NordPass

When you transfer your data from another password manager to NordPass, any shared folder that you owned is imported as a personal folder. This guide will explain how to import your data to NordPass and share your folders again using NordPass Enterprise and Business plans.


Exporting and organizing passwords


First, you will need to export your passwords and other items as a CSV file. You can find the steps for exporting data from your previous password manager in our Exporting passwords guide. 


Migrating from LastPass? Follow our dedicated guide on How to move your company's passwords from LastPass to NordPass for detailed steps. In this case, your shared folders will be exported as personal folders and no extra steps are needed to organize the file. Company Shared folders will be imported automatically with the prefix "Shared-".


If you are migrating from a different password manager, we recommend using our CSV template to organize your passwords and other items before importing them to NordPass. You can see the format of the CSV template accepted by NordPass or download the CSV template here. Make sure that all your shared folders are entered in the 'folder' section of the template. 


Importing passwords to NordPass


Now that you have a CSV file with your data, you can move it to NordPass. Please note that you will need access to a desktop device to import the file. 


    1. Open the NordPass desktop application or use Web Vault

    2. Open Settings and scroll down to Import and Export section. Select Import Items.


    3. This will open a new window with different password managers to choose from. If you are importing a CSV file from LastPass, select LastPass option. If you used the NordPass template to organize your CSV file, choose Other option. 


    4. Upload the CSV file and click Import


Moving personal folders to shared folders


Follow the steps below to move your personal folder and its items to a shared folder:

  1. Open a personal folder that you want to move.


  2. Click the more options button at the top and select Move to Shared Folders. This can also be done using Folders list in the sidebar. 


  3. Name your new shared folder and select Move to Shared Folders.

  4. Your items are now in a shared folder and it can be shared with your organization members. Learn more about the shared folders feature and how it works here

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