What are login sessions and how to remove them

Session support is a useful new feature for NordPass Business and Enterprise. It lets you automatically log in to a device with a previous session without your password or multi-factor authentication. If you have multiple accounts, you can simply choose the account you wish to use.

When you return to NordPass after logging out, the session on your device is secured by your last login. However, if you log in after a long period of time or on a new device, you will still need to enter your password and complete multi-factor authentication.

If you want to log out from your account completely, you’ll need to remove the session from that specific device by following the steps below:


  1. Enter the following website address into your browser:https://nordbusinessaccount.com/.

  2. Select Log out of sessions.
  3. Remove the account you wish to log out from.

If you’re unable to log out from a session with this method, try clearing your browser’s cache & cookies. Additionally, you can enter a new email address at the NordPass app’s login screen:


  1. Choose to use another account.

  2. Select Remove an account. 

  3. Remove the account you wish to log out from.