What is Groups feature and how to use it?

What is Groups?

Groups is a feature that allows your organization to share passwords with pre-set groups of people, for example, teams or departments. Members that belong to a group can share their passwords with the whole group or another member within the same group. It also makes it easier for individual members to find passwords that are shared with the whole group.


Please note, that Groups are only available to B2B users.


How do Groups work?

Admin or the Owner can create groups in the Admin Panel. When a group is created, the Admin/Owner can assign particular members to that group by choosing them from a list. All group members will then see mutually shared passwords or will be able to share their passwords with the group by going to Shared Items.


Members that don’t belong to a particular group can neither access nor share items with that group. Also, members cannot join or leave groups on their own accord; they can only be added or deleted by their Admin or Owner.

To share an item with a group the owner of the item would need to:

  • Find an item that is to be shared.
  • Click Share.
  • Enter the name of the group.
  • Click Share again.

Please note, that the item becomes available to all Group members, and the items shared with a group are accepted automatically.


Revoking access to the shared items could be done in three ways:

  • The owner of the items has an option to revoke access.
  • The owner of the items can delete the shared items.
  • The Admin/Owner can delete the whole group.


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