How to create and manage Groups?

Groups is a feature exclusive to Enterprise and Business members that allows members to share shared folders with organization members, i.e., teams or departments. All group members see items inside mutually shared groups and can share shared folders they own with the group.

You can create and manage Groups from the Admin Panel.

In this guide you will find instructions on:

Creating a group


  1. Go to Groups and select Add Group.
  2. Name the group and select Create new Group.
    To rename the group, click the three dots icon next to the group and select Rename.

Adding members to a group

Added members can share their items with the whole group and use group items.

  1. Go to Groups and select a group.

  2. Select Add Members.
  3. Choose which members you want to add and select Add Members.

Removing members from a group

The removed member will lose access to group items and sharing. The member can be re-added to the group again.

  1. Go to Groups and select a group.

  2. Click the three dots icon next to a member's email and select Remove

Deleting a group

Once deleted, members will lose access to any items shared within the group.

  1. Go to Groups and click the three dots icon next to a group.
  2. Select Delete.

Sharing with a group


Shared Folders feature is available with NordPass Enterprise and Business plans.


Members can share shared folders with a group using NordPass on desktop or mobile devices. Once shared, the shared folders and all items in it become available to all group members. 


You can find detailed information on Shared Folders feature and how to share them with a group in our dedicated guides for desktop and mobile devices. 


Note: Individual items (password, passkey, secure note, personal info) can not be shared with a group. To share any item, add it to a shared folder and then share that folder with your group.  

Revoking shared folders from a group


Owner of a shared folder can revoke a group’s access to that shared folder anytime from the NordPass app.

  1. Find an shared folder and click the three dots icon next to it. 

  2. Select Share.

  3. Find the group and select its permission.

  4. Select Remove.