How to remove a member from NordPass organization?

NordPass organization's Owners and Admins can delete or suspend members in the Admin Panel.  Members that have been deleted, will permanently lose access to the organization’s vault, while suspended user accounts can be activated once more, and regain access. 


Follow the steps below to delete or suspend a member:


  1. Log in to NordPass Admin Panel.

  2. Open Members page.


  3. Locate the member you wish to remove, click on the three dots icon on the right side, and choose Delete or Suspend option. 

    Note: If the member that you want to remove is an Owner, they need to be demoted first by following these steps


Organizations' Owners can transfer items of the deleted member to themselves or other members. Learn more here


To activate a suspended account, go to the Suspended tab, and click the Activate button.


Please note that if you wish to remove a member that is already suspended from your organization’s vault, you will have to locate the member in the Suspended tab, and click the Delete button.

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