How sharing and Trusted Contacts work?

The Trusted Contacts eliminates the theoretical possibility of a man-in-the-middle attack when sharing passwords. By adding someone to your Trusted Contacts, you manually exchange public keys that are needed for encryption, leaving less of a chance for anyone to steal them.

This guide provides detailed steps for adding Trusted Contacts and sharing items stored in NordPass with them. 


Note: The Trusted Contacts feature is exclusively available to NordPass Premium subscribers and only on desktop devices.


Adding Trusted Contacts


  1. Log in to your NordPass desktop application.

  2. Go to Settings and open Advanced.

  3. Select Add New Contact.

  4. Enter the email address of the person you want to add as a Trusted Contact and select Continue.

  5. Enter a message of up to 100 characters and click Encrypt. The message will be automatically encrypted with the recipient’s public key. Now, it can only be decrypted with the recipient’s private key.

  6. An encrypted message will appear at the bottom. Share the message with the person you want to add as a Trusted Contact (recipient).

  7. Now, the recipient needs to log in to their NordPass account, go to Settings, and select Advanced. At the bottom, they should see your request and click Accept.

  8. Then, they will need to enter the encrypted message you sent and select Decrypt.

  9. If the message matches, they will see the same decrypted message you entered and should click Confirm.

  10. Now, you should open your NordPass application, go to Settings, select Advanced, and click Accept.

  11. Make sure that the decrypted message matches yours, and select Confirm.

  12. You have successfully added a Trusted Contact.


Sharing items with Trusted Contacts


The sharing between you and your Trusted Contacts works similarly to item sharing with other NordPass users. 


  1. Click the three dots icon next to an item you want to share and select Share.

  2. Enter the recipient's email address, and choose if you want to share the item with Full Rights or Limited Rights.

  3. Select Share.

  4. This item will appear in the recipient's NordPass vault in the Shared Items folder, where they can accept or decline it. 

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