Managing access levels in NordPass

NordPass has a Sharing feature that lets you share your saved information with other users. This attribute lets users have access to the same login, credit card, or note without having to put it into your vault manually.

Please keep in mind that sharing items is only possible for premium users of the NordPass service. Free users can still access the shared information. However, if they want to edit the shared item, the changes will not be visible to other people. The differences will be seen only by themselves.

Premium users can share their passwords and manage the access levels for items and Shared Folders. There are 4 access levels a user can choose from, and an extended set of permissions that belong to the owner of the item or of a Shared Folder.


  • Owner: you can autofill, view, share, edit, and delete items if you are their owner. If you are the owner of the shared folder, you can also move items out of the shared folder and delete them.
  • Can edit: with this permission, you can edit the items and items in the shared folders and details of the shared folder itself, share, view, and autofill. This also means you can move unshared items into the shared folder.

  • Can share: with this permission you can share, view, and autofill data.

  • Can view: with this permission, you can view, copy item details, and autofill data.

  • Can autofill: with permission, you are allowed to only autofill the data.

The default access level for all newly shared items will be set to the lowest possible permission level Can autofill, but you can change it while sharing.

Keep in mind, that when re-sharing an item, you will be only able to select levels equal to or lower than the permission level you currently have for a specific item or Shared Folder.

Let’s say somebody shared an item with you with Can share access. This means, that when you want to share an item, you will only be able to select Can share, Can view, or Can autofill permissions, but not Can edit as those are a level higher than what you have.

When you share several items at once and they have different permission levels, NordPass will allow you to share them with lower permission levels only.

There is an important note regarding passkeys and secure notes. These item types do not have a Can autofill permissions level, so the lowest level for these item types is Can view.


If you have any questions or problems with our Share feature, feel free to contact our support team via chat or email