How to enable NordPass autofill for iOS?

Our NordPass iOS app offers autofill feature, but before you can enjoy it in full, don't forget to set it as your primary password manager. Autofill also works with our browser extension, for more information about it, visit 'How autofill works' article.

1. In order to start using the autofill feature in the iOS application, you need to enable the NordPass accessibility service within the Settings. You can do so by opening the NordPass app or going to your phone's settings.mceclip6.png

2. In the Settings menu, click on Passwords & Accounts.mceclip5.png

3. After that select AutoFill Passwords.mceclip3.png

4. After it is done, select the NordPass to allow filling from it.mceclip4.png

When it is done, you are ready to use autofill feature together with our NordPass iOS application on your phone.