How to import passwords to NordPass?

Switching password managers might seem complicated, fortunately, NordPass offers a quick and simple solution to import your login data from other password managers or browsers. You can import your saved passwords using NordPass on desktop devices or import passwords from browsers using the Android app.

If you need help exporting your passwords, you can check one of our dedicated guides on exporting passwords from various password managers and browsers. 


Importing passwords on desktop


  1. Log in to NordPass and open Settings

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  2. Scroll down to the Import and Export section and select Import items.

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  3. Choose the password manager from which you have exported your data or choose the option 'Other'. Here is a list of file types that can be imported to NordPass from other password managers:
    • LastPass: CSV
    • Dashlane: CSV, ZIP
    • Keeper: CSV, JSON
    • RoboForm: CSV
    • 1Password: CSV, 1PUX
    • KeePass: CSV, XML
    • BitWarden: CSV, JSON
    • ProtonPass: JSON, ZIP

      Note: If you are unable to import your CSV file using one of the password manager options, try using 'Other'. When uploading your CSV file through the Other category, make sure to organize the CSV file accordingly.


  4. Upload the exported file.

  5. Select the items you want to import.


Please note that if you are importing your CSV file through the Other category, you need to organize the CSV file accordingly.


Importing passwords using the Android application


  1. Open the NordPass application.

  2. Go to the Profile and select Import.


  3. Select the browser you want to import your login information from.

  4. Follow the steps on exporting your passwords from the specific browser.

  5. Once the steps are completed, saved passwords will appear in your NordPass vault. 

Now you are done and ready to use our secure and simple password manager that helps to sort out your passwords once and for all. After your import is done, don't forget to delete your file with exported data. It's not safe to keep it decrypted on your device.


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