What if I forgot my NordPass Master Password?

In NordPass, your Master Password holds utmost importance as it is used to unlock your encrypted NordPass vault and, therefore, protect your passwords, passkeys, credit card details, and other sensitive data from unauthorized access. If you forgot your Master Password, you'll need to initiate a Master Password reset using the Recovery Code. To do so, please follow these steps:


  1. Find your Recovery Code. Recovery Code is a 24-symbol code you were prompted to save during account setup.

  2. Launch the NordPass application and select Forgot Master Password.

  3. Enter your Recovery Code and select Continue.

  4. Create your new Master Password.

Using the NordPass Recovery Code is the only option to recover your account if you’ve forgotten your Master Password.


If you don’t remember your Master Password and can't find the Recovery Code, read this article to learn how to reset your account. 

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