How to set up SSO with Okta for organization members (create app intergration in Okta)

Turning on Okta Single Sign-On (SSO) allows your organization members to log in to the NordPass app using their Okta credentials instead of a user password. 


Below are the steps to add NordPass to Okta and set up a single sign-on (SSO) in the NordPass Admin Panel.

  1. Navigate to the Okta admin console.

  2. Open Applications section and select Create App Integration.

  3. Select OIDC - OpenID Connect as the sign-in method and Web Application as the Application type. Click Next.

  4. Enter App integration name, we suggest using NordPass. You can also add the NordPass logo, and it will be visible in Okta. In Grant type section select Client credentials and Implicit (hybrid). In Sign-in redirect URIs enter one of the URLs based on where your NordPass organization data is stored:

    Organization is stored in the U.S. data center: 

    Organization is stored in the EU data center: 

  5. In the Assignments section select Allow everyone in your organization to access and Enable immediate access with Federation Broker Mode. Click Save.

  6. After the NordPass application is created, open it in Okta and copy the following information from the General section:

    1 - Client ID
    2 - Client Secret
    3 - Okta domain 

  7. Once you have the information from Okta, log in to NordPass Admin Panel.

  8. Select Settings > Single Sign-On (SSO) and Authentication > Okta SSO.

  9. Enter Client ID, Client Secret, and Okta domain that you have copied from Okta and select Save.

  10. Select Turn on SSO Method.


Your organization members can now log in to NordPass via Okta SSO.