Items Transfer of Deleted Members

The Items Transfer feature allows NordPass Business organizations' Owners to transfer items of deleted members to themselves or other members. This feature will guarantee that important organization items are not lost if an owner of the items decides to leave the organization or is removed. If the items are no longer needed, the organization Owner will be able to permanently and immediately delete them.


Below are the guides on how to transfer or delete items of a deleted member and the main information about the Items Transfer feature.

Transferring items to a new owner


  1. Members can be deleted in the NordPass Admin Panel by the organization’s Owner or Admin. To delete a member, open Members page, click the three dots icon next to their email address and select Delete.

    Please note that the organization’s Owners cannot be deleted.

  2. Once the member is deleted, they will be moved to the Deleted column.

  3. Now, the organization’s Owner can transfer or remove items of the deleted member. Go to Members page, open Deleted column, and select Transfer items.

  4. Choose a member from the list and select Transfer to make them the new owner of these items.

  5. A new folder named Transferred, [Date] with all transferred items will appear in a new item owner’s vault.803746AA-6028-480F-9E31-9399E7B94089.png

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can transfer items of deleted members?

  • Only the organization’s Owners can reassign or delete items of deleted members. Owners cannot see what exact items the deleted member had or choose specific items to transfer/delete.

Is there a limit to transferred items?

  • Yes, there is a limit of 2000 items. If the deleted user had more than 2000 items, the option to transfer them would not be available.

Will the deleted user's items get deleted automatically?

  • Yes, if no action is taken, deleted user’s items will be automatically deleted after 180 days. After that, it will not be possible to recover the items.

Can the organization Owner transfer only a part of deleted user’s items to a new owner?

  • No, currently it is possible to transfer only all items at once. After the new owner is assigned, all the transferred items will appear in a new folder in their NordPass account.

Is it possible to reassign items of users that were deleted before the Items Transfer feature was released?

  • No, there is no option to restore items of users that were deleted before this feature was released.

If I had created personal folders, will the structure remain after transferring?

  • No, all items will appear as individual entries under the same Transferred Items folder.

If I had items in Trash, will those items be transferred?

  • Yes, these items will be visible in the new owner's Trash folder.

If the item that I own was shared, will those users still have access to it?

  • Yes, those users will retain access. However, the item will have a new owner.

If I was the owner of a Shared Folder will the ownership be transferred?

  • No, neither Shared Folders, nor the items in them will be transferred.

Deleting items of deleted member


Deleted members' items are automatically deleted after 180 days. However, if the items are no longer needed, the organization’s Owner can delete them instantly in Admin Panel. Below are the steps explaining how to delete items of deleted members:


  1. Go to Members page, open Deleted column, and select Delete items.

  2. Select Delete to confirm.


    If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the Items Transfer of Deleted Members feature, please let our team at know.