How to use NordPass Authenticator

What is the Use NordPass as an authenticator feature?


The use NordPass as an authenticator feature allows NordPass to be used as an authenticator to websites and applications that support two-factor authentication (2FA) without having to use a third-party authentication application (ex. Authy, Google Authenticator). NordPass Authenticator generates a temporary six-digit code called Two-Factor Code by using the current time as its authentication factor. Two-factor codes add an extra security layer to the logins as a password alone is no longer enough to access an account. 


Important: Please don't use the NordPass Authenticator for your NordPass account because you cannot access the two-factor codes without logging in to your NordPass account first.


NordPass Authenticator availability


Currently, the NordPass Authenticator feature is available on Android and iOS mobile apps, and the new NordPass standalone extension*. It can be enabled on single device or single browser at the same time.

*NordPass Authenticator is not available on Safari and Firefox browsers on macOS devices.


Set up NordPass Authenticator


Please note that NordPass Authenticator can be enabled on one device or one browser only. If you want to use two-factor codes on a different device or browser, you will first need to disable the NordPass Authenticator by following these steps and then enable it again on your preferred device or browser.

Example: I have NordPass Authenticator enabled on my iOS application and want to use it on Chrome browser.


Solution: Disable NordPass Authenticator on your iOS application (or ask the organization’s admin to reset it). When it’s disabled on your iOS app, go to NordPass standalone browser extension and enable the authenticator in the settings.


  1. Log in to the NordPass Android or iOS application.

  2. Go to Menu and open Settings

  3. Tap Use NordPass as an authenticator.

    Note: If the Use NordPass as an authenticator option is not visible, make sure you have logged in with a NordPass Business account and not a personal one. Additionally, the NordPass Authenticator functionality first needs to be enabled by the NordPass organization’s Owner by following this guide.


  4. Enter your NordPass Master Password and select Continue.


  5. Touch the fingerprint sensor or use Face ID to add biometrics to NordPass. 


  6. NordPass can now be used as an authenticator.


Add account to NordPass Authenticator


  1. Navigate to the website where you want to add a two-factor code and log in to your account. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is usually set up via account’s settings in the password or security tab. Choose the authenticator app as your authentication method and follow the on-screen steps.

    Two-factor codes are added to the authenticator app by scanning the QR code or manually entering
    a code. When you get to the step to scan the QR code or enter a code, open your NordPass application, log in to your account, and follow the steps below. 

    If you are already using a different authenticator application:

    Generally, there is no automatic process to switch authenticator applications and you will need to temporarily disable two-factor authentication on your account and enable it again using NordPass Authenticator.

    In some cases, there is an option to replace the authenticator application. In that case, you will have to scan the QR code using the NordPass application.

  2. Tap a password item in the NordPass app to open it, tap the three dots icon, and select Edit.


  3. Select Add Two-Factor Code.

    If you have not enabled NordPass Authenticator yet you will be asked to set it up first.


  4. Choose to Scan QR code or Enter code manually from the website to add a two-factor code to NordPass.


View and copy Two-Factor Codes


Two-factor codes can be viewed in the NordPass application by opening the particular item in your vault. NordPass Authenticator two-factor codes can also be copied and pasted just like any other item’s information saved in NordPass.


  1. Tap the Password item in the NordPass application to open it and select View icon next to Two-Factor Code to view the code.


  2. Confirm with biometrics to view the two-factor code.


  3. To copy the two-factor code, tap the Two-Factor Code area in the item’s view.


  4. Confirm biometrics to continue.


  5. The two-factor code is copied to the clipboard and you can paste it to a website or application.


Auto-filling Two-Factor Codes


Note: Two-factor codes can be auto-filled using the NordPass Android application only. The feature is not supported on iOS or NordPass browser extension. 


Two-factor codes can also be auto-filled just like the usernames and passwords saved in the NordPass vault. The two-factor code can be auto-filled only if the account’s username and password were auto-filled with NordPass as well. If they were entered manually, the code will need to be copy-pasted from the application.

  1. Fill in your account’s login information using the NordPass autofill suggestions. 


    Note: If you do not see an option to use autofill on your Android device, you might need to enable it by following this guide.

  2. Once the account’s information is accepted, you will be asked to enter the two-factor code. Confirm biometrics in NordPass to auto-fill the code.


Shared items with Two-Factor Codes


NordPass Authenticator functionality allows adding two-factor codes to shared password items, increasing your account’s security level.

Below is the main information on sharing items with two-factor codes and adding two-factor codes to a shared item.

Note: If you remove the share of an item with the two-factor code added to it, we recommend updating the item with a new two-factor code from the third-party service.


  • Password items with two-factor codes can be shared only with your NordPass organization members. Trying to share such items with people outside of your organization will result in a message below. Email addresses of users outside your organization are in red.


  • Two-factor codes cannot be added to password items that are already shared with people outside the NordPass organization.



Remove Two-Factor Codes


If the two-factor code generated by the NordPass Authenticator is no longer used to log in, it can be removed from NordPass. The code can be removed only on a mobile device where the NordPass Authenticator functionality is currently enabled.


  1. Open the Password item in your NordPass app, tap three dots icon, and select Edit.


  2. Tap Delete icon.


  3. Select Remove to confirm.



Disable NordPass authenticator


When the NordPass Authenticator is disabled, you can enable and start using it on a different device/browser or enable it again on the same device/browser. This will not remove your access to the two-factor codes that are already saved, you will be able to see and use them once you enable NordPass Authenticator on your device.


  1. Log in to the NordPass application on the device where the use NordPass as an authenticator feature was enabled. 

  2. Go to Menu and open Settings

  3. Scroll down to the Items security section and tap Use NordPass as an authenticator.


  4. NordPass Authenticator is disabled and can be enabled again on the same or different mobile device.

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