NordPass Authenticator recovery

NordPass Authenticator can be enabled on one device only, meaning, if that device is lost your organization member will no longer be able to use NordPass as an authenticator. To avoid this, the NordPass organization’s Owners and Admins can reset the NordPass Authenticator functionality for their members so they can enable it again.


Note: If the member still has access to the same device where NordPass Authenticator was enabled and the NordPass application was not reinstalled,* the NordPass Authenticator functionality can be recovered by following the steps provided here.


*If the NordPass application was uninstalled and NordPass Authenticator was enabled, the user will no longer be able to access NordPass Authenticator on that device or enable it on a different one. To continue using our authenticator, the organization member needs to contact Admin or Owner to request a reset.

Lost access to a device where the NordPass Authenticator was enabled


To reset the NordPass Authenticator for a member who has lost access to their device or reinstalled their NordPass application follow the steps below:


  1. Log in to NordPass Admin Panel as organization Owner or Admin

  2. Open Members page, locate the member you wish to reset the NordPass Authenticator for, and click their email address to open the member profile.
  3. Select Reset Authenticator.

  4. NordPass Authenticator functionality is reset and the member can set it up again by following this guide.

Have access to a device where the NordPass Authenticator was enabled


If members have access to the device where the NordPass Authenticator was enabled and have not reinstalled their NordPass application, they can re-enable the authenticator themselves. Members will see a message below when trying to view or use an item with a two-factor code if biometrics were changed or removed on that device.

  1. Tap Set up in the message above to enable NordPass Authenticator on the same device.

  2. Enter the NordPass Master Password and select Continue

  3. Touch the fingerprint sensor or use Face ID to add biometrics to NordPass. 

  4. A new set of biometrics is captured on a device and NordPass can be used as an authenticator again.