Shared Folders (Beta)

Shared Folders is a new feature available to all NordPass Enterprise members. This feature allows for seamless item sharing and management across your organization. Once you create a shared folder, you can start inviting members and managing their sharing permissions. This makes it particularly useful for sharing sensitive data with team members while working on projects.

Creating a Shared Folder


A shared folder can be created by all organization members and they can start adding their items to it. The member who has created the folder is the shared folder's owner

  1. Select Add New Folder icon in the Shared Folders section.

  2. Name the new shared folder and select Save.

Sharing a Shared Folder

Only the folder owner and members with Full Rights to a folder can share a shared folder with other organization members. Full Rights to other members can be given by the folder's owner. 

  1. Open the shared folder, select More Options and choose Share. Here, you can also view which members already have access to the shared folder and their respective rights.

  2.  Enter a member’s email address and choose the sharing permissions you want to give. 

    • Full Rights - members can view and edit items saved in the shared folder. Also, they can create new items or move their items (must be the owner of an item) to a shared folder. Members with Full Rights can share the folder with other organization members.

    • Limited Rights - members can only view the items in this folder.

  3. Select Share.

Moving items to a Shared Folder

If you are the owner of a shared folder or have Full Rights, you can start moving your items to it. To move an item to a shared folder, you must also be the owner of that item (once an item is moved to a shared folder, the owner rights of the moved item are transferred to the shared folder's owner. This means that the folder's owner will be able to permanently delete such items. Additionally, password history will not be available for the password items in the shared folders.).


You can find more information on which items can be moved to a shared folder here: Moving and deleting items in Shared Folder.

Moving an item will revoke access to anyone with whom the item was previously shared and will share it with anyone who has access to the Shared Folder.


  1. Choose an item that you want to move, select More Options icon and Move to Folder.

  2. Select Shared Folders and choose which folder you want to move your item to.

  3. Select Move to Folder.

You can also move multiple items to a shared folder by selecting each item and clicking the Move to Folder icon. 

Deleting items from a Shared Folder

Only the shared folder's owner (a member who created the folder) can delete items from it. Keep in mind that deleting an item from a shared folder will not move it to Trash but permanently delete it

  1. Choose an item, select More Options and Delete.

  2. Confirm the item’s deletion.