Unable to accept an invitation to NordPass organization

If you were invited to join the NordPass Business organization and you already have your own personal NordPass account registered with the same email address, you won’t be able to accept the invitation. This guide will explain what steps you can take to switch from a personal to a business account. 


There are two ways to join the organization if you already have a personal NordPass account:

  1. Delete your NordPass account. All of your items inside NordPass will be deleted if your account is deleted. NordPass account can be deleted only by contacting our support team. Check deleting account article for more information. 

    Before deleting your account, you can export your NordPass data to a CSV file by following our guide on exporting passwords from NordPass.

  2. Change your NordPass email address. If you want to keep all of your saved NordPass data you can change your account's email address instead. Once the email is changed all of your items will remain under the new account and you will be able to use your old email to join the NordPass organization. Learn how to change your email address in our article on changing the registered email address


Now that your account is deleted or your email is changed, you can create a NordPass Business account and join the organization.