Moving and deleting items in Shared Folders

NordPass Enterprise and Business plans feature Shared Folders offers a secure solution to easily share multiple items with your team members. For safer items management, not all organization members will be able to move or delete items that are saved in a shared folder. 

Not all items moved to Shared Folder? 


When moving multiple items to a shared folder, you will see a notification bar at the bottom of your screen that will show how many items were moved successfully. This bar will also show if any items were not moved.
There are a couple of reasons why an item was not moved to a shared folder:

  1. You are not the owner of the item. This means that you will not be able to move an item that was shared with you. If you want that particular item in a shared folder, you will need to create a new item in your NordPass app with the same information (this will make you the item's owner) and then move it to a shared folder.

  2. Item is already in a shared folder. When moving multiple items at once, if any items are already in a shared folder they will not be moved again. You can check if an item is in a folder by opening it in your NordPass app.

Not all items moved to Trash? 


You will see a similar notification when trying to move multiple items to Trash (moving items to Trash doesn't permanently delete them, instead, this will only move them to the Trash folder in NordPass).

Items that are in a shared folder can't be moved to Trash. If any of the items that you have selected to move to Trash is in a shared folder, they will not be removed. To see if an item is saved in a shared folder, simply open that particular item in your NordPass app and check if there is a Folder section in the item's information. 

Items that are saved in shared folders can only be permanently deleted by the shared folder’s owners.