How to reset NordPass account?

If you have lost your NordPass Master Password and Recovery Code, you can regain access to NordPass by fully resetting your account. Please note that this reset will delete all of your items in NordPass. 

Here are the steps for NordPass account reset: 

  1. First, contact our Customer Support team to reset your NordPass account. In the request let our team know why you want to do a full reset.

  2. Our support team will send you a reset link to your NordPass email address. If you can't find the letter, make sure to check spam/junk folders in your inbox.
  3. Open this letter and click on the link.

  4. Copy the request ID from the letter and paste it into the link along with your email address. 
  5. Click 'Reset My Vault' to do a full account reset.
  6. You will get another letter confirming that your NordPass vault has been reset. In the same letter, you will also receive a request ID to cancel the reset in case you find your Master Password or Recovery Code. You will have 7 days to cancel the reset, after that, your vault will be deleted permanently.

  7. After reset, open NordPass and log in to your Nord Account (this password was not reset. If you lost your Nord Account password you can reset it here). 

  8. Go back to NordPass and create a new Master Password. Also, don't forget to generate your Recovery Code as well. 
  9. If you are still asked to enter your Master Password instead of creating a new one, try to re-login to your Nord Account. To log out, simply click your email address. 
    Then, click Log Out in the next window. 
  10. Now, log in to your Nord Account again and open NordPass to create a new Master Password. 

If you have any questions or need further help, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Success team for some guidance.