How NordPass MSP licenses are billed

License usage and billing


NordPass MSP allows MSPs to purchase licenses for organizations based on their subscription plan, with billing occurring on the last day of each month.


Here's what you need to know about license usage and billing for NordPass MSP:

  1. Billed licenses are based on the number of active and pending seats in an organization. A seat is considered active if it’s been used at least one day during the running month, even if deleted or suspended. The seat is considered pending if an invitation is sent to an end user, but the end-user has not onboarded the application yet.

  2. The number of seats can be adjusted anytime during the month by adding or deleting members. Daily license reports are generated the following day at 00:00:02 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

  3. Once a seat becomes activated, it'll be calculated into the billing for that entire month, regardless of which day it was activated.

  4. Deleted seats are not carried forward into the next billing month. Monthly reports are generated on the first day of the following month at 00:01:02 UTC.

  5. Pending seats are calculated on the last day of the month, regardless of which day the invitation was sent.


Billed Licenses for January 4th - 31st (Example time period) - Standard organization


Billed Licenses for February 1st - 28th - Standard organization


Subscription plans and billing


MSPs can offer two subscription plans to organizations—NordPass Business and NordPass Enterprise. The organization’s subscription is taken into account when calculating license usage and billing.

Here’s what you need to know about subscription plans and billing for NordPass MSP:

  1. The billing for an organization’s subscription occurs on the last day of each month.

  2. An organization’s subscription can be changed anytime during the month. 

  3. If an organization changes its subscription, it will be billed for the higher subscription tier for that entire month, regardless of which day it switched.

  4. If there’s no change to the subscription, billing is calculated from the plan used during the month.


Not-For-Resale (NFR) licenses


NFR licenses are assigned to NordPass MSP partners for their organization’s internal use and testing. This license appears in the usage report as a separate line, however, they are not billed.


Note: Organizations are given an allocated number of non-billed seats. If more active seats are added than the MSP partner was allocated, they will be charged accordingly to the normal billing schema each partner is assigned with.

Trial licenses


MSP is able to assign a 14-day trial of any subscription tier for their managed organizations. The trial is converted to a standard billable subscription automatically after 14 days period has ended.

If the trial ended before the 14th day of the month, all active and pending seats are added to the billable count of that running month.

If the trial ended on the 14th or after, no seats are added to the billable count of that running month. Starting next month all active and pending seats will be accounted as standard billable licenses.

Open API for usage data


MSPs are able to access daily and monthly usage data of their managed organizations via rest API. Please contact your account manager for more details.