How to use the Activity Log

With NordPass Business, owners and admins can view the Activity Log - a summarized list of actions performed by organization members within the Admin Panel and vault.


Reading the Activity Log


The Activity Log is arranged with the most recent actions at the top of the page. There are three columns:

  • Member: The member who performed the action.

  • Action: The type of action and the names of any members or items involved.

  • Activity: When the action was performed.


The information seen in the Activity Log varies depending on the member’s role within the organization on NordPass. Owners can view everything, including item type and name, while admins will only see generic activity details. 

You can also filter the Activity Log by date to view organization activities from a specific period. Choose the date range (up to 90 days) and select Show Results. To remove the date filter, select Clear.



Action types


The Activity Log will show the following actions made by your NordPass organization members:

  • App Access: Accessing either the Admin Panel or the NordPass app.

  • Business Account: Activities related to authentification and Multi-Factor Authentication.

  • Invites: Inviting people to join your organization. Accepting and declining invites.

  • Member management: Changing members’ roles and managing their account status.

  • Organization settings: Enabling or disabling global policies for the organization.

  • Item Access: Creating and using items (passwords, secure notes, personal info, etc.).

  • Item Sharing: Sharing or revoking item access or changing an item’s sharing rights or owner.

  • Item Deletion: Deleting items.

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