NordPass Business Admin Panel - Quick Onboarding Guide

Every organization that purchases a NordPass Business plan has access to its own Admin Panel. The Admin Panel is used to invite and manage users, and to monitor key cybersecurity indicators such as the health of user passwords.

How to access the Admin Panel


The Admin Panel can only be accessed by an Owner or Admin of an organization. Once you’re assigned one of these roles – and have completed the account setup process – you can log in to the Admin Panel by following these steps.

  1. Enter the following website address into your browser:

  2. Enter your Business Account email address and select Continue.
  3. Enter your Business Account password and select Log In.
  4. Enter your NordPass Master Password and select Unlock Admin Panel.
  5. Once you’ve successfully logged in to the Admin Panel, select the Dashboard tab in the top navigation bar to see an overview of your organization’s activity.

Inviting others to join your organization 


Once you’ve logged in to the Admin Panel, you can start inviting your colleagues to join your organization. Here’s how:


  1. Go to the Members tab in the Admin Panel and select Invite Members.
  2. Select the invitation method you’d like to use:

    • Via email - Enter a person’s email address and an invitation will be sent directly to their inbox.

    • Via invite link - Enter one or more trusted domain names. Anyone with an email address from the selected domain(s) can then join your organization once the generated invite link has been shared with them.

    • Via uploaded file - To add a large number of people to your organization in one go, collect their email addresses in a document and upload it in CSV or TXT format. Each person will then receive their own individual invitation.

    A person will be listed as a Pending member if they’ve yet to accept an invitation or if the number of people you’ve invited exceeds the number of licenses you have.

    A person will be listed as an Active member once they accept an invitation and complete the account setup process.

Roles in the Admin Panel


Every person who joins an organization on NordPass Business has one of three defined roles:

  1. Owner - Primary role in an organization; has Admin Panel access and all management privileges. 
  2. Admin - Secondary role in an organization; has Admin Panel access and majority of management privileges, but cannot grant or revoke Owner rights.
  3. User - An organization member that only has access to the NordPass password manager app.


More information on Admin Panel roles and how to assign them to others can be found here.

How to create Groups


Groups is an Admin Panel feature that allows your organization to instantly share passwords with pre-defined groups of people, for example an entire finance team or marketing department. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a Group and add people to it. 

  1. Open the Groups tab in the Admin Panel and select Create Group.
  2. Enter the name you’d like to give the Group and select Create.
  3. Find your Group in the Groups tab and select Add Members.
  4. Choose the people in your organization you’d like to add to the Group and select Add Members. 

    Note: Members cannot choose to join or leave Groups; they can only be added or removed by an Owner or Admin.


More information on how to share items with Groups can be found here.