What is NordPass Accountless?

When signing up to NordPass, whether it’s for a free or Premium plan, you’re usually asked to
create an account. However, you might have also noticed a third option named 'Continue
Without Account', which allows you to try out NordPass's core features before creating an
account or committing to our service.

Why did we create Accountless?

Accountless was created so that users could test the NordPass product to see how much value it can offer. With Accountless, you can perform all core actions such as:
- Create and import passwords, notes, credit card details, and other items
- Create folders and organize your items
- Autofill and Autosave
- Use Password Generator to create unique passwords
- Tweak your app settings

Things to consider when using Accountless

When using Accountless, your passwords aren't backed up to the cloud as this feature is only
available for registered users. This means your passwords are stored locally on your device.
We cannot guarantee that your data won’t be lost due to a computer failure or other technical
issues. Your passwords also aren’t synced with other NordPass apps, so you cannot access
them on any other device.

Accountless to be discontinued

By taking care to avoid vulnerabilities and eliminate risks, we decided to discontinue the
Accountless feature. We understand that some of you might be using Accountless and need
some time to create an account. Therefore, you can do so before January 3, 2022.
However, we strongly recommend doing this now. All you need to create a free account and
transfer your passwords is an email address and a strong Master Password to protect your