Enable password policies for members

Password policies allow you to set requirements for passwords that your NordPass organization members create and store in their vaults. This helps to ensure that your employees' passwords are compliant with the organization's policy.

Once a password policy is set up, it’s integrated into these places:

  • When creating, editing, or auto-saving passwords, the password will be considered weak if the password policy is not met.

  • Weak or old passwords will be highlighted for members to review in the Security Dashboard and Password Health.

  • Any passwords from the Password Generator will always meet the minimum password policy requirements. Members can adjust parameters in Password Generator so long as they don't clash with the password policy.

Any existing passwords that don’t meet the organization's password policy will be marked as weak or old (depending on which requirements aren’t met). You can view the status of the organization’s passwords from the Dashboard in the Admin Panel.


Enabling password policy

Password policy can be set up by the organization's owners and admins via Admin Panel. 

  1. Log in to NordPass Admin Panel and go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Security section and select Password Policy.
  3. Turn on Enable Password Policy.
  4. Once enabled, you have the option of customizing your password policy. Select Save to enable the password policy for your members.

    These settings include:
  • Minimum amount of characters.
  • Number of uppercase letters (A-Z).
  • Use digits (0-9).
  • Number of special characters (*#/&%...).
  • The time after which passwords should be changed.