How to setup User Provisioning with Microsoft Azure AD

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up user provisioning in the NordPass Admin Panel with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD):

Note: This guide is for those using the new Azure admin panel design. To switch to the new design, follow the instructions given by Azure.


  • Select Enterprise applications in the left sidebar menu;

  • Select New application > Create your own application:


  • Enter the name of your application and select Integrate any other application you don't find in the gallery (Non-gallery):


  • On the application page, select Users and groups in the left sidebar menu and add users;
  • Open Provisioning in the left sidebar menu and select Get started:


  • Go to the NordPass Admin Panel;

  • Go to Settings > User provisioning and select Get Credentials;

  • In the new window, you will see admin credentials:


  • Go back to Azure;

  • Under Provisioning Mode, select Automatic and enter the admin credentials you can see in the NordPass Admin Panel:


  • Select Test Connection and wait while a check takes place;

  • Once the check is over, select Save and then close the window:


  • Select Start provisioning:



The user provisioning setup is now complete. Users will receive an email invitation within a few minutes asking them to complete their NordPass registration.