NordPass Share Feature Limited vs Full access

NordPass has a Sharing feature that lets you share your saved information with other users. This attribute lets users have access to the same login, credit card, or note without having to put it into your vault manually.


Please keep in mind that sharing items is only possible for premium users of the NordPass service. Free users can still access the shared information. However, if they want to edit the shared item, the changes will not be visible to other people. The differences will be seen only by themselves.

Premium users can share their passwords and give other users Full or Limited access.


Full access to the shared items lets users view and edit shared notes, credit cards, or logins. With Limited access, users will not be able to edit the shared items. If the shared item is a login, the user with Limited access will not be able to view the password and copy it. Nevertheless, the user with Limited access will still be able to use autofill with the shared password.


Please note that, even though you share a login with Limited access, the user you shared it with could still potentially access the password using another password manager or using advanced techniques. Because of this, NordPass recommends you generate a secure password using our password generator and use it only for that one site.


Users with Premium Access can also upgrade or downgrade other users' rights, however, only the Owner of the item can remove other people's access at all.

If you have any questions or problems with our Share feature, feel free to contact our support team via chat or email: