How to export passwords from mSecure

Make sure you have access to your computer as data export from mSecure is not possible on mobile devices.

The export process for macOS users:

  • Open the mSecure application;
  • Click File -> Export -> CSV... and click OK;
  • Choose the Export All Records option, name the file to your liking, and press Export.

The export process for Windows users:

  • Click on Settings (cog icon);
  • Click on the Backups tab, choose the Export option, and hit Save.

Your m Secure data export is now complete, and you can now start your data import to NordPass.

Before importing your passwords to NordPass make sure that the CSV file you have is matching our import criteria. For more information, please check how to organize CSV file for import to NordPass.

Finally, check our guide on how to import passwords to NordPass.