Roles in your organization

There are 3 different roles that a NordPass B2B user can have, which grant different functions and responsibilities. 

  • User - a user has the premium features of a regular NordPass subscription;
  • Admin - an admin has a right to manage the organization’s members and groups. They can invite new members to their organization, give rights to new admins or revoke them and suspend accounts by not letting them access their vaults;
  • Owner - the owner is the highest authority in this hierarchy. They own every information saved in the vaults.

Changing the roles of the users is easy. Every Admin or Owner can grant users their Admin Rights and revoke them from Admins in the admin panel by clicking the 3 dots near the email address of the user and choose the option you wish.


Please note that the Owner role cannot be revoked and can only be set by another Owner, therefore, we do not recommend having many Owners in the organization.