Why is having an account better?

Thinking of a reason to create a NordPass account when you can use the userless application? Well, I can name a few!

The first and the most important feature for a user with a Nord Account is the sync feature. If you save an item with the NordPass application while logged in, you can access it anywhere on multiple devices. You just need to log in. Simple as that. Imagine if you would save all your information with a userless account and lost the device, it would be a disaster!

Furthermore, the protection that an account offers is another benefit. Think about it, if you wish to access your passwords, you need to be logged in and unlock your vault with the Master Password on top of that. The chance for somebody else accessing your NordPass vault is almost non-existing. However, when you are using a userless account, you will not need to log in or use any password to unlock it. This saves you some precious time.

There are a few more features that cannot be accessed while using NordPass without an account. One of them is the export feature. You will not be able to export your saved information and store it in a safe place.

Also, you won't be able to share your items or use the trusted contacts feature as an account is necessary for those features.

Still, overthinking the option to have an account? Well, why not? You are more than welcome to use the free version of NordPass! 

Our users get top-level security for their sensitive data. Our team follows the latest security practices and industry standards and makes sure your data stays safe. We use the XChaCha20 encryption algorithm. It is considered to be the future of encryption, with more and more tech giants from Silicon Valley implementing it in their services.

NordPass has a zero-knowledge architecture. By the time your data reaches our servers, it's already encrypted on your device, which means we have zero knowledge about the items saved in your vault.

Changed your mind? Check out our guide on how to create an account for more information.