Unable to log in to NordPass

In case you cannot log in and unlock your NordPass account due to:

Incorrect Nord Account's password

Click on the Forgot your password? button or use the Lost Password option to reset it.


Incorrect 6-digit code

Please make sure that you are using the latest code sent as the e-mails may stack up. In order to request a new code, simply try logging in again.

*If you are not receiving the code to your mailbox, please check your spam/junk folders.


Invalid Multi-Factor Authentication code

Please make sure that you have set up the MFA with the same email address as for NordPass, also, make sure that the code is not expired.

*If you have not properly set up the MFA on your account as stated here or have lost your device you have the authenticator app on, please contact our Customer Success team in order to reset the Multi-Factor Authentication on your account.


Incorrect Master Password

Click on the Forgot Master Password? to reset it. For resetting the Master Password, you will need to enter the Recovery Code, which can only be generated in the NordPass application settings when you are logged into your account.


Incorrect Recovery Code

NordPass Recovery Code consists of 24 characters. Firstly, please make sure that you have not mistyped it, if there are no mistakes on your side, please contact the Customer Support team for further help.


Forgot Master Password and Recovery Code

If you don't have the Master Password and the Recovery Code, click here for more information on how to access your account.


If you are getting any other error messages or cannot find help here, please contact our Customer Support team.