Passwords and codes

NordPass has a lot of steps to log in so no third parties could access your saved information.

The main difference between your Nord Account's password and your Master Password is their functionality.

  • You need to use your Nord Account's password when logging in to your account, which is common for all Nord products. This account is needed to view and manage your subscriptions.
  • The Master Password is specific for NordPass and is used to unlock your vault. It is entered within the NordPass application.

If you have the Multi-Factor Authentication feature enabled, it can cause confusion on where the code is located.

  • When logging in, you can choose to enter the 6-digit code instead of the Nord Account's password. This code is sent to your e-mail address once you typed in the username.
  • If the MFA feature is enabled, you will be asked for an authentication code. It can be found in the authentication application (e.g. Authy) on a mobile device you have used to set up MFA with.

Also, there is a Recovery Code, which you should keep safe in case you ever forget your Master Password. The Recovery Code is a 24-character code divided by hyphens and can be generated in the NordPass settings menu.