Passwords and codes

If it's your first time using NordPass password manager, it may seem that there are many passwords and codes to log in. This guide will help you to understand what they are for and when different passwords and codes are used.

Nord Account password. This password is used to log in to your Nord Account via  This password is the same for all Nord products (NordPass, NordVPN, and NordLocker).  Alternatively, you can use a 6-digit code sent to your email address to log in. 


Master Password. This password is used in the NordPass application only. It is the most important password since it unlocks your encrypted NordPass vault. You will be asked for this password in the application after you log in to your Nord Account. 


Recovery Code. It is a unique 24 symbols code that can be used to reset your Master Password. This code can be generated via the NordPass application. Follow this guide to generate a new Recovery Code. 

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). If the MFA feature is enabled, you will be asked for an authentication code. It can be found in the authentication application (e.g. Authy) on a mobile device you have used to set up MFA.