How to export passwords from iCloud Keychain?

This guide will explain how to export passwords from iCloud Keychain and import them to your NordPass vault. 


Important: Passwords from Keychain can be exported on Mac devices only. To export iCloud Keychain on iPhone or iPad, you need to sync iCloud Keychain across all your Apple devices. Currently, there is no way to export passwords without using a Mac. 


Follow the steps below to export passwords from iCloud Keychain on a Mac: 


  1. Click the Apple logo in the menu bar and select System Settings


  2. Select Passwords and enter your device's password.


  3. You can export all passwords or select passwords only. Hold Cmd and select the passwords that you want to export. Click the three dots icon and select Export All Passwords or Export Selected Passwords.


  4. Choose where to save the CSV file on your device and enter your device's password again. 


Importing iCloud Keychain passwords to NordPass


Follow these steps to import the exported CSV file to your NordPass vault:


  1. Log in to your NordPass application on a desktop device. 

  2. Go to Settings and select Import Items.


  3. Choose to import from Safari and upload the CSV file.


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