How to contact NordPass Customer Success agents

If any issues occur or you have some questions and cannot find anything useful in our Help Centre you can always contact our Customer Success agents.

We would be glad to help! Please be as specific as possible for us to understand your inquiry. Also, screenshots are very appreciated.


To contact the Success team, you can visit our Help Center and click Submit a Request or start a live chat with one of our Customer Success agents by clicking on the message icon in the right bottom corner of your browser. 


If you click Submit a Request you will get a prompt that will let you write your letter. Please fill all the boxes and type your inquiry under the Description category. If you choose to attach any files, please note that we are only able to open files that are the application logs or screenshots in a .jpg or .png file type. After, click Submit and you will be answered within 24 hours.


Alternatively, you can send a direct letter with your inquiry from your email provider to