Differences between passwords and codes

NordPass has a lot of steps to log in so no third-parties could access your saved information.

The main difference between your account's password and your master password is their functionality.

  • You need to use your account's password when logging in to your account via our website to see the active services and subscriptions.
  • The master password is used unlock your vault. It is the last step when logging in to your account via the NordPass application.

If you have the Two-Factor Authentication feature enabled, it can cause confusion on where the code is located.

  • When logging in you will be asked for the 6-digit code first. This one is sent to your email address once you typed in the username.
  • If the 2FA feature is enabled, you will be asked for that code. Two-Factor Authentication code can be found in the authenticator application (e.g. Authy) on a mobile device you have used to set up 2FA with.