Folders feature on mobile devices

NordPass has a feature that lets you categorize your items! You can organize items in neat folders, divide them into personal, work, or other categories.

Folders let you separate your items and they will be easier to find. Go on, start organizing!

To add the folders on mobile devices, just tap on the ADD ITEM button or choose the Browse menu and choose Folder/Folders.

If there are no folders, you should see a screen saying ADD FOLDER. If you tap on that, it will let you add a new folder and type in the name of it. To add new folders, just tap the + button and select Folder as described previously.

To rename or delete the folder:

  • on Android: tap on the 3 dots on the right side of the folder and select the function you wish. If you choose to delete your folder, do not forget to check the box if you wish to delete the items stored inside the folder.
  • on iOS: If you wish to rename it, click the three dots, if you want to delete it, swipe to the left on the wished folder and press the trash icon.

To add an item to a folder:

  • on Android: just tap on the 3 dots on the right side of it, select Move to folder, choose the folder you wish to store the item in or create a new folder, and tap on the MOVE button in the top right corner of your screen.


  • on iOS: on the item that you wish to move, click on the three dots. There, select Move to Folder. Choose the folder or create a new one and press Move.


If you wish to remove the item from a folder, follow the steps mentioned before and you will get an option that lets you remove the item from any folder you wish. Tap on the 3 dots near the item and select Remove from the folder.

  • on Android:


  • on iOS:


Please note that 1 item can only be stored in 1 folder. If you try to add the item to another folder, it will move and no record will be left in the previous folder.