Setting the Autolock feature

NordPass offers an auto-lock feature, with which you can select for how long you would like to stay signed in. However, do note that if your connection to the internet drops, you close the application or turn off your computer, you will need to log in with the Master Password again despite it being set up to 'Never'.

To set the Autolock feature:

On the desktop application:

1. Go to the NordPass app settings;

2. Under the Security section, you will see 'Autolock'. Select a period of time that you wish for NordPass vault to automatically lock after.


On the mobile application:

1. Open the Menu and select Settings;


2. Click on 'Autolock'. Choose the time that you wish for NordPass to automatically lock after.



If the Autolock feature doesn't properly work, please let us know and contact us via