How to delete my NordPass account

To delete your NordPass account, you will need to complete our account deletion request form. If you can't see the form, try disabling your ad-blocker or contact our support team.


For NordPass Business Account Deletion requests - please contact us via


If you delete your account all your items and/or content stored on the Service will be deleted. We recommend that you save and/or export all your data from the Service prior to deletion. When we delete your account, we may retain certain information for legitimate business purposes to comply with legal or regulatory obligations. For example, customer billing information is retained for 10 years from the last payment transaction. When we retain such data, we do so in ways designed to prevent its use for other purposes.

Please note that you will receive an email requiring you to confirm your request separately in 14 days. If you do not confirm, we will be unable to delete your account.


Follow the instructions below to delete your NordPass account:

  1. Open the account deletion request form.

  2. Fill in the fields below. This information is required to make sure that no one makes unauthorized changes to your account. 

    • Account's current email: Enter the email address you currently use for NordPass.
    • Amount paid: Type in the amount of money you paid the last time you made a payment to NordPass or other currently active Nord services (NordVPN or NordLocker).
    • Method: Select how you made your last payment (E.g. credit card or PayPal) and enter any other required information.
    • Payment date: Choose the exact date of your last payment.
    • Reason: Let us know why you want to delete your account. 
    • Description: Add additional comments or requests for our support team.
    • Attachments (Optional): Attach a picture of your last payment to help speed up the process.

  3. Click the Submit button to finish. 


Important: Since all of the Nord products' databases are connected, if we were to delete only your NordPass account, the basic information as your e-mail address would still be visible in our system in case there is an existing NordVPN or NordLocker account. In order to delete all of your data, we would need to delete all your Nord accounts.

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