How to enable Autofill on Android?

To enable the autofill feature for applications installed on your Android phone, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Menu, go to the NordPass application Settings and click on Enable Autofill for both websites and applications (You will either find one prompt to enable Autofill or two - for websites and applications separately);


  • Then, click the Open Accessibility Settings button. It will redirect you to your device's settings. Find NordPass;


  • In your phone's settings, you will be asked to confirm the NordPass autofill service. Press OK;

That's it! The autofill function for your mobile apps is now enabled on your Android device.

If you do not see these prompts in your application's settings, it means that it is already done!

In case you are unable to find this specific feature, we would suggest using the search option in your settings and search for Autofill and Accessibility and enable both!