Installing NordPass desktop application

In this guide, you will find steps on how to install NordPass desktop application on macOS, Windows and Linux devices.

  • This guide will explain how to download and install the NordPass desktop application on your macOS device. Simply follow these steps:


    1. Download the NordPass setup file from

      Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 13.27.22.png

    2. Open the downloaded NordPass.dmg file.

    3. Once the new window opens, simply drag and drop NordPass into the Applications folder. Then, double-click on the NordPass icon to launch the application.


    4. You will receive an alert box about the NordPass application. Click Open to proceed.


    That’s it! Your NordPass desktop application has been successfully installed on your macOS device. 

    To enjoy all NordPass features, make sure to add the NordPass browser extension and pair it with the desktop application.

  • Follow the steps below to install NordPass password manager on your Windows device:

    1. Download the NordPass setup file.

    2. Or visit the NordPass website, scroll down to the Apps section, and select Windows.


    3. Once your NordPass setup file has finished downloading, please launch it.

    4. Wait for the installation process to finish.

    5. That is it! You have successfully installed the NordPass application.


  • This guide will explain how to download and install the NordPass password manager on your Linux device. All you have to do is follow these steps:


    1. Download the NordPass setup file from


    2. You will get redirected to the Snap Store. Click Install.

    3. You will see two ways how you can install NordPass.

    Installing NordPass using Desktop store


    1. Click View in Desktop store.


    2. In the Desktop Store, click Install button.


    3. After clicking the Install button, you might get asked to provide your machine's password to confirm installation. 



    Installing NordPass using command line


    1. Open the terminal and run the following line: 
      sudo snap install nordpass
    2. Then, enter your machine's password in the terminal.



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