How to enable Multi-Factor Authentication?

Follow all steps below in order to set up a Multi-Factor Authentication on your Nord Account.

1. Log in to your Nord Account and choose Account preferences. 


2. In Account preferences click Multi-factor authentication (MFA).


3. A window will appear, requesting your Nord Account password. Enter it and click Verify.

4. You will get redirected back to Account preferences. Click Setup.


4. That will generate your QR code and secret key. Open your mobile authentication application (Duo Mobile, Authy, etc.). Afterward, either scan the QR code or enter the secret key. Click Continue.


5. Enter the MFA code that was generated in your mobile authentication application. 


MFA is enabled on your Nord Account! Make sure to click on My Backup Codes and save them. You will need to use the backup code if you are not able to access your MFA application.