How to export passwords from LastPass?

Before you start LastPass data export, make sure you have access to your computer as data export from LastPass is not available on mobile devices.

To export your saved passwords from the LastPass password manager, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your LastPass browser extension.

  2. Choose Advanced Options → Export.

  3. Enter your Master Password.

  4. At this point you should get one of the options below:
  • Save your passwords to CSV file. In this case, just choose a safe location on your computer and save the file.

  • Open a new browser tab containing all your credentials. If this happens, copy the whole content and paste it to Notepad (for Windows) or TextEdit (for macOS) as a plain text file. After you saved the text file, rename it by adding ".csv" to the end of the file name (for instance, "file.csv"). 

That's it! You have exported your login data from the LastPass Password Manager.

Now, you can easily import these passwords to the NordPass Password Manager by following our guide on how to import passwords to NordPass.