How to export passwords from Sticky Password?

Make sure you have access to your computer as data export from Sticky Password is not possible on mobile devices.


The export process for macOS users:


  1. Open and login  to your Sticky Password application.

  2. Select File → Export → Unencrypted.

  3. Chose the file name, location, and click Save. After you saved the text file, convert it to CSV file format.


The export process for Windows users:


  1. Open and login to your Sticky Password application.

  2. Select Menu → Export.

  3. Choose Export all or Export only selected items.

  4. Choose file format TXT and click Next.

  5. Choose the file namelocation, and click Save. After you have saved the text file, convert it to CSV format.


Your Sticky Password data export is completed, and you can now start your data import to NordPass.


Before importing your passwords to NordPass make sure that the CSV file you have is matching our import criteria. For more information, please check our guide on organizing the CSV file for a smooth import to NordPass.


Finally, check our guide on importing passwords to NordPass.

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