Forgot your Master Password and no Recovery Code?

In case you have lost your NordPass Master Password, you can reset it with the Recovery Code. NordPass Recovery Code can be generated during account setup as a part of onboarding, or it can be generated from within the NordPass settings. An example of the code:

Screenshot 2024-07-25 at 10.19.38.png

Tip: Search for a PDF file named 'recovery-code' or 'NordPass Recovery Code' on your device.


In case you lost both NordPass Master Password and Recovery code (or you didn’t have Recovery Code at all), you can use user biometrics to generate a new or reset previously generated Recovery Code, which can then be used to reset your Master Password. Biometric unlock is available on desktop, Android, iOS applications, and the NordPass browser extension. If you have biometrics enabled to unlock NordPas, follow the steps below to generate a new or reset your Recovery Code.


  1. Log in to your NordPass application. When biometrics are enabled, you can log in without entering your Master Password.

  2. Open Settings.

  3. Scroll down to the Security section and select Reset Recovery Code.

  4. Use your biometrics to generate the code.

  5. With the new Recovery Code, you can reset your Master Password by following this guide


If you don't have access to either your Master Password or Recovery Code, and can’t generate a new code with biometrics, unfortunately, there is no way to recover your account and items stored in your vault. The only option is to do a full account reset so you can create a new Master Password to access your account. That being said, please note that resetting your NordPass account will delete all items saved in your vault.


If you are sure that you will not remember your Master Password and have also lost the Recovery Code, and do not have biometrics enabled, please contact our Customer Support team to request a full NordPass account reset.

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