How to change my Master Password?

Your Master Password is the key to your vault. It is used to access all the encrypted information in your NordPass vault. This guide will explain how you can easily change your current NordPass Master Password. 

Check our website to learn more about why this password is especially important and get some tips on creating a strong password. 


Desktop application and Web Vault

  1. Launch your NordPass desktop application or NordPass Web Vault and log in to your account.

  2. Go to Settings, and click Change Master Password under the Security tab.

  3. Type your current Master Password followed by your new Master Password.

  4. Click Change password button to confirm.

Mobile application


  1. Launch your NordPass mobile application and log in to your account. 

  2. Go to Menu and tap Settings.

  3. Tap Change Master Password.
  4. Enter your current Master Password, create a new one and confirm the change.


In case you lose both the Master Password and the Recovery Code please contact our Customer Support team to reset your NordPass account.