Integrating NordPass for MSP with ConnectWise PSA

About the integration


This guide describes how to integrate NordPass with ConnectWise PSA.


The integration allows you to do the following:

  • Import and map your existing ConnectWise PSA companies to NordPass MSP Admin Panel.

  • Automatically update ConnectWise PSA agreements and their additions with monthly subscription usage data for each mapped ConnectWise PSA company.

  • Use up-to-date and reliable usage data to reconcile billing and invoicing with your companies, eliminate manual usage data import

To set up the integration you must have both NordPass MSP account and Connectwise PSA account. Only MSP managed organizations can be synced with Connectwise PSA.

Step 1. Create API member

Before creating API member, API role must be set up in your ConnectWise instance. Navigate to System > Security Roles > + to add a new role.

For this integration the API member should have the following access levels:

  • Company Maintenance - Inquire level
  • Table Setup - Inquire level
  • Product Catalog - Add Level, Inquire level
  • Agreements - Inquire Level, Add level, Edit level

Alternatively, Admin role can be used for the API member, however we strongly recommend using only minimum required permission levels.


In order to create API member:


  1. Log in to your ConnectWise PSA account and navigate to System > Members > API Members.

  2. Click the + icon to add a new API member.

  3. Fill out the required information and set the Role ID to the new role you just created or use the Admin role.

  4. After saving the API member, navigate to API keys tab and generate public and private API key that will be required for the integration with MSP Admin Panel.

Step 2. Setting up

To enable the integration between NordPass and ConnectWise PSA, log in to and navigate to Integrations > ConnectWise PSA.

  1. Enter integration credentials:
    • Your ConnectWise site URL. This is a domain used to access your ConnectWise PSA instance. Include the URL protocol when populating the domain, which must be HTTPS only. For example,

    • Your ConnectWise company name. This is your Company ID that you see when login in to your ConnectWise instance.

    • Public and private API keys you generated in ConnectWise PSA panel.

  2. Click Save.

Step 3. Product mapping

ConnectWise Products shall be mapped to NordPass Enterprise and NordPass Business subscriptions, in order to finalize the integration. Depending if you already have NordPass products created in your ConnectWise PSA or not, you can choose to either map NordPass subscriptions to your existing ConnectWise products or, alternatively, automatically create these products within ConnectWise PSA.

  • Mapping NordPass subscriptions to existing products - simply click the Map products button and browse through the list of your ConnectWise PSA products. Once you find the corresponding product, select Done. After you have found both products, click Confirm Mapping to save the mapping.
  • Creating new ConnectWise PSA products - if you can’t find a corresponding product in the list, you can use the option Create product in ConnectWise PSA and the product will be automatically created in ConnectWise PSA. However, don’t forget to navigate back to ConnectWise PSA and complete the product setup.
    image-20240307-132014.pngAfter you have successfully confirmed mapping of the products, the integration setup is completed and the status should be Active. Now you can proceed to importing and mapping your companies.

Step 4. Company and agreement mapping

In order for the integration to start syncing usage data, NordPass organizations need to be mapped with ConnectWise PSA companies and agreements.

  • When the integration is successfully set up, choose Import and map companies from ConnectWise PSA.
  • Filter options will load, and select company types and statuses that you wish to import from ConnectWise PSA.
  • When the company list is loaded, select a corresponding ConnectWise PSA agreement and NordPass organization and select Map.
  • In case you haven't added the organization to NordPass yet, you can easily create a new NordPass organization by clicking Add organization in the dropdown menu. Enter the organization's name, choose license type, and plan. The organization will be synced to the agreement within ConnectWise PSA once Map is selected.
  • In case you wish to unmap or change the mapping for any organization, select Unmap. Mapping will be removed and organization data will not be synced with ConnectWise PSA.

When company and agreement mapping is complete, organization data will be synced monthly between NordPass and ConnectWise PSA.

Note: If new organizations or agreements are added, they are not updated automatically and mapping needs to be adjusted manually via MSP Admin Panel. Whenever there is a need to include new companies or change mapping, click Import Companies in the Organizations tab in MSP Admin Panel.

Monthly usage data sync


  • NordPass will send billable seat count per each mapped organization to Connectwise PSA.

  • Scheduled data sync to ConnectWise PSA is set at 00:30:00 UTC time on the first day of the month, aggregating the previous months usage data.

  • There is an option to Sync now which will update usage data in ConnectWise PSA instantly and overwrite previous months data with current real time data. 

  • You will see the latest sync date and the last import date in the MSP Admin Panel, along with connection status and errors, if any.

Update or remove integration

The ConnectWise PSA integration can be edited within Integrations. It is possible to update integration credentials if they were lost or compromised, remap the products, or disconnect the integration altogether.


If the integration is disconnected, NordPass will stop sending usage data to ConnectWise PSA, and all company and agreement mapping will be removed. The integration will need to be set up anew if you want to integrate with ConnectWise PSA again.

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